L’Oreal La Lacque Lip Color in Lacque-y Charm

L’Oreal recently came out with a new line of matte and lacquer lip pencils.  I’ve heard good things about both formulas so when I finally saw these at the drugstore (after weeks of looking) I quickly picked up the lacquer pencil in 201 Lacque-y Charm.

This shade is a dusty rose and I think it’s the perfect neutral lip for fall.  It’s a bit darker than a summer nude and more mauve than a summer pink.  Worn lightly it gives the lips just a hint of colour and shine but the colour can also be built up to get a darker almost berry-mauve shade.  The pictures below show how this lip colour can look different depending on the coverage and lighting.

The pigmentation and finish on this lacquer is really nice.  As mentioned above, this pencil can be applied lightly for a hint of colour or built up for a bolder lip.  It gives off a subtle shine and has a really decent wear time which is great.  What I like most about this formula is that it has great lasting power and shine without being thick or sticky.  It’s very comfortable on the lips.

I’ve worn this L’Oreal La Lacque lip colour every day since buying it and it’ll definitely be a staple in my fall makeup bag.  I fully plan on adding other shades of these lip pencils to my collection.

Do you love these La Lacque Lip Colors as much as I do?  Have you tried the matte version of these L’Oreal lip pencils?

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel

Finally drugstore beauty brands are entering the brow game!  I’ve always wanted to try Benefit’s Gimme Brow but could never bring myself to shell out the big bucks for it.  So, when I saw Rimmel’s Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel it immediately came home with me.  This brow gel comes in four shades, including a clear version.  I got the lightest shade Blonde.

This Rimmel brow gel is the perfect lazy girl product.  It defines, thickens, and holds brows all in one.  I don’t even use a brow pencil or powder, I just swipe on this gel and go.

It has a tiny little wand which is perfectly brow sized.  I do find I have to scrape off quite a bit of product before I brush through my brows but that’s the only issue I have with this gel.  It’s fairly pigmented so I lightly feather it through my brows and it adds just the right amount of volume, giving my brows a polished but still natural look.  And it holds all day without feeling crunchy.


You can see the difference in the above photo, from top to bottom, of natural brows to one brow done (the one on right) to both brows set with this brow gel.  And it took me all of one minute to do.


All about them brows

I loved this brow gel so much I bought it for my best friend who also immediately loved it.  If you haven’t tried out this product yet, head to your closest drugstore and get one not just for you but for your bestie and your sister and anyone you know with a set of brows.  Love this stuff!

Body Shop Haul and Review

I’ve written before about my love of The Body Shop’s Vitamin E line (a dedicated post to this collection can be found here) and while recently repurchasing their eye cream I picked up a couple other goodies I hadn’t tried before.   In addition to the Vitamin E Eye Cream I also picked up the Vitamin E Eyes Cube and a Concealer All-In-One stick.  Without intention, I ended up with a mini eye-focused haul.


The Vitamin E Eye Cream is probably holy grail status for me at this point.  I’ve tried countless other eye creams and always come back to this one.  I don’t really notice a difference in how my under eyes look when I use this, in terms of bags, wrinkles, or dark circles, but it’s just the most hydrating under eye product I’ve tried and for that I love it.

The Eyes Cube is an interesting one.  It’s basically an eye cream in a solid, twist-up form…like a giant lip balm but for the eyes.  You’re supposed to sweep it under the eyes to instantly revive and refresh the area.  I like to put this on first thing in the morning and let it soak into my skin while I brush my teeth.  It has a nice cooling feel and it really helps to hydrate and plump my under eyes and generally just prepare them for concealer.   My only complaint would be the size/shape of the stick.  I wish it was taller and thinner to help to really get into the nooks and crannies of the eye area.  Other than that though I’ve been really into this eye product.  It also gets bonus points for being so travel friendly.


And speaking of concealer, I grabbed the All-In-One stick in the shade 00.  This isn’t from the Vitamin E line but it’s made with vitamin e so it counts!  I’ve been playing around more with peach and salmon toned concealers to help with the darkness under my eyes and thought I’d give this concealer stick a shot.  To my surprise, this concealer wasn’t peach or salmon at all but straight up pink!  The below photo doesn’t do the colour justice but just trust me…it’s PINK.  It was a bit off-putting at first but it does a great job of covering under eye circles and that’s all the really matters.


The formula of this concealer is really nice as well.  It reminds me of Benefit’s Fake Up concealer in that the tube includes both concealing and moisturizing elements (you can see the hydrating stick in the center of the concealer).  This concealer is super creamy and blendable which I often don’t find with stick concealers.  I do find that it begins to crease almost immediately after application but setting it with a bit of powder takes care of that problem.  And again, a great product for travel.

Overall, I’ve very happy with everything I hauled and my under eyes have never looked better!

JORD Wood Watch*

My favourite part of getting ready in the morning, besides makeup of course, is accessorizing. My collection of jewelry and watches is already a bit out of hand but when JORD offered to send me one of their watches I couldn’t resist.  I don’t own anything like their natural wood watches.   JORD makes their watches out of natural and sustainability sourced wood including bamboo, maple, sandalwood, blackwood, cherry, zebrawood, koa, purple heart, ebony and rosewood.   I picked out their Fieldcrest watch in Natural Green.

The watch came beautifully packaged in a coordinated wooden box.  Inside, the watch looks light brown in colour but once outside in the sun it’s true colour came through and you can see it has a green wash to it.  The Fieldcrest design I chose is clean and simple which let’s the intricacy of the wood grain be shown and highlighted.

JORD watches are scratch proof and splash proof but, obviously because of the natural wood materials, not intended to be water proof.   Most of the JORD watches are also designed to be unisex.  Because of this, and because of my tiny wrists, the watch is a touch large on me.  Despite this, it’s quite a lightweight watch so even though it’s a tad over-sized for me it doesn’t feel like I’m lugging around a heavy timepiece when I wear it.

One final thing I love about this watch is that it’s quiet.  This may seem like a weird thing to love about a watch but I can’t stand when I’m wearing a watch and I can hear the tick tick tick every time the second moves.

I’m super happy with my Fieldcrest design but JORD has a huge variety of watch designs and colours to chose from if you want something with a bit more flash to it.   Check them all out at the JORD website.

* Press sample. All opinions are 100% my own.

Wood Wrist Watch

Joe Fresh Long Wear Liquid Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks are all the rage these days so when I saw some affordable options at Joe Fresh ($8CAD) I picked up a couple to try out.  I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of liquid lipsticks.  I find many of them can be too drying once set on the lips but these Joe Fresh lipsticks claim to have a velvet finish rather than stark matte so I was hopeful.  I picked up Kiss which is a subtle pink shade (which I thought would be really pretty for every day wear) and Grapefruit which is a bright, bold, coral-red pink .

To start I’ll say I love almost everything about these lipsticks.   They apply like a dream.  They are very creamy and the doe foot applicator comes to a bit of a point at the end which really helps to get a nice precise application.  The colour payoff with these lipsticks is amazing.  You can easily dab a bit of product on the lips for a light wash of colour or you can go for full pigmentation with just one swipe of the lipstick.

The packaging claims these liquid lipsticks will wear for 6 hours.  Without eating or drinking these lipsticks would definitely live up to that claim.  They do last quite a long time and even after eating, while the lipstick faded, there was still a decent stain of colour hanging in there.  This product also feels really comfortable on the lips.  It’s not drying at all which can be an issue with other long wearing liquid lipsticks.  To show how well these wear, the photos below show me wearing Grapefruit right after application and again several hours later, still looking pretty good!

One thing I will mention is that since these lipsticks don’t dry down fully matte there can be quite a bit of transfer so I had to keep an eye on that, especially with the brighter Grapefruit shade.  But other than that, there’s not one bad thing I can say about these lipsticks.

Now, here comes the bummer.  While I’m so impressed with the formula, wear, and pigmentation of these liquid lipsticks I just don’t think the colours I picked suited me.  As you can see from the photo above, Kiss was just all sorts of wrong on me.  Grapefruit was a bit better but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I think these shades are just too cool for my skin tone.  Luckily, these shades looked amazing on my sister so my Joe Fresh Long Wear Liquid Lipsticks have found a new home with her.

Have you tried any of these liquid lipsticks?  Or any Joe Fresh makeup? I was so impressed with these lipsticks that now I want to try more Joe Fresh makeup products.