A New Nude Lip

Many months ago I purchased the Sephora Give Me Some Lip set which contains six lipstick/gloss samples.  However, I’ve barely touched this set since I bought it.  I’m going to make more of an effort to change that moving forward and today I am starting by using two of the minis to create a nude lip.  To do this I am using Urban Decay’s Naked Revolution Lipstick, which is probably my fav product in this set, and Buxom’s Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian.



Top: UD Naked. Bottom: Buxom White Russian

UD’s Naked is basically the perfect nude for me.  It has just the right amount of pink in it to not make me look completely washed out when I wear it.  The formula is fantastic as well and feels great on the lips.  I could easily wear this lipstick on it’s own but to add a little something extra, and to make use of another sampler in the set, I added the Buxom lip cream over top for a nice glossy finish.

I think these two lip products work beautifully together.  Here are a couple photos of the finish look.  The first is in natural light and the second is a couple hours later in harsh office lighting.

I don’t wear a nude lip all that often but I’m really loving this look.  I’m definitely going to try to work this nude lip more regularly into my makeup looks.

Have you tried either of these products?  How do you create your favourite nude lip?

CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara

At one point, not too long ago, I had five unopened mascaras in my collection that needed to be tested out.  I’ve worked my way through a few of them and the one I’ve liked the most, and am currently using, is the CoverGirl Lashblast Volume Blasting Mascara.

This mascara has two things going for it right off the bat.  One: it comes in a waterproof formula which is all I can wear.  And two: it has plastic bristles which is my favourite type of wand.  The one thing I’m not crazy about with this mascara is the size of the wand.  It’s huge!   What saves this wand for me is that despite its large size, the bristles are actually fairly short which helps achieve a controlled, even application.

The packaging claims this mascara will result in “100% more volume instantly”.   I’m not too sure about the 100% more volume but I do love what this mascara does for my lashes.  It adds volume and length but what I love most is that it evenly coats each lash without clumping leaving you with perfectly separated lashes.


I don’t get any smudging or flaking with this mascara.  It can be a bit hard to remove at the end of the day but that’s kind of par for the course with waterproof formulas.  Overall, I’ve been enjoying this mascara would be definitely repurchase and recommend.

Have you tried this mascara?  Any other CoverGirl mascaras you’d recommend?

Makeup Storage Reorganization

The way I used to organize my makeup collection was shameful…in that there was no organization to it whatsoever.  I live in a small apartment and don’t have a lot of space to lay everything out nicely so my makeup ended up all over the place.  Literally.  Part of my collection was on my bedside table…


Part was on a shelf above my bed…


Part hung on the wall…


And I’d even resorted to storing makeup in the fruit bowl in my kitchen…


Well, all that changed last weekend when my bestie got my a bunch of organizational drawers to store my makeup in.  I wasted no time at all getting to work.  And here’s the final result.


I’ve organized drawers by product:  top drawer for eyeshadow, second drawer for blushes and highlighters, third for lip products, and the bottom drawer for powders.  On top of the drawers are the products I use daily: my moisturizer and eye cream, primers, foundations, concealers, mascaras.  In front of the drawer unit I used a plain glass vase to store my face brushes and a separate unit for my eyeshadow brushes and pencil products (eye and lip liners).

The only thing not shown here is a dresser drawer I also organized that holds makeup I don’t use very often, samples I need to try out, and most of my face products.

It feels so much better having everything in one place.  I literally feel lighter and have less makeup anxiety (yes, I’ve decided that’s an actual thing) knowing where everything is and having it all displayed so beautifully.  It makes getting all dolled up that much more enjoyable.

How do you like to organize your makeup?  Any storage tips/ideas?

Lipstick Haul

Last week my boyfriend surprised me with a weekend trip to NYC and while there I went on the hunt for some of the makeup brands not readily available in Canada.  Specifically, I was looking for anything Milani and also some NYX Lip Butters which are surprisingly difficult to find in Toronto.  I did end up with a bit of a haul – all lip products.


From Milani I picked up, from left to right in the photos below:

  • Color Statement Lipstick in Flamingo Pose
  • Lip Intense Liquid Color in Fiery Coral (not sure why it’s named coral when it is a straight up bright pink)
  • Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Ravish Raspberry (so perfect for fall)

And I also got a couple NYX Lip Butters in Apple Strudel (left) and Peaches and Cream (left).

I haven’t worn all of these lippies yet but will likely do a more detailed review or two once I’ve had a chance to test these babies out.  So far I am loving the Butter Glosses (now I finally see why everyone raves about them!) and I’m all about the Ravish Raspberry purple lip for fall.

Do you have any of these lip products?  Any others you’d recommend I pick up next time I’m down in the States?

September Favourites

Another month gone, another round of favourites.  I have just a few items on the list this month so let’s jump right in.


Elf’s Hydrating Under Eye Primer:  This has been a favourite of mine since I bought it earlier this year.  In the winter I struggle with dry skin under my eyes and this little primer really helps.  Unlike a silicone primer, this has the feel and consistency of a cream moisturizer.  It not only hydrates but also primes the eyes for makeup, keeping my concealer from creasing.  I use this primer every day (as you can see I’ve worn the writing right off the tube) and love it.  Plus, it’s only $3!  I’ll definitely be stocking up on this product in my next Elf order.

Mac’s Fix +:  Everywhere I look beauty bloggers are raving about this Fix + spray so I picked up the small travel size bottle to test it out for myself.  What I love about this product is the versatility.  I’ve used this spray to 1) set my makeup 2) refresh my skin and makeup mid-day 3) prep, prime, and moisturize my face before applying makeup and 4) to dampen makeup brushes.  I’m sure there are even more ways in which it can be used.  I won’t hesitate to buy to full sized bottle once I finish this one.

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Colour Rush in Viva Violet:  I reviewed this lip crayon earlier this month and have pretty much worn it almost every day since.  I am in love with the juicy berry colour.  Plus it’s hydrating and long lasting.  Love love love.

And that’s it for September.   What were some of your favourites this month?  Have you tried any of mine?