Irresistible Me Hair Extensions*

Long, thick, voluminous hair in five minutes?  Yes, please!  Enter Irresistible Me hair extensions.


When I received a set of Irresistible Me hair extensions I was excited but a little apprehensive.  I had never tried hair extensions before and was afraid they would either look too obvious mixed in with my fine hair or would feel too heavy on my head.  The website offers a lot of information and guides to help you choose the type, colour, and length of your extensions.   I went with the Silky Platinum Blonde 18 inch extensions, 200 grams.  The extensions is they come in pieces of different widths and sizes (the 200 gram set comes in ten pieces) so you can mix and match the pieces and customize depending on how natural or dramatic a look you want.

What I quickly learned was these extensions are basically idiot-proof.  They are super easy use, really light-weight, and once clipped in they feel nice and secure.  The extensions are made of 100% human hair so you can do anything to them that you would to your own hair – wash, colour, cut, curl, straighten, etc…Just clip them in and go!


At first the colour looked like it would be way too light but it actually ended up blending really nicely into my darker hair.  For the photos below I went for some super dramatic volume.  Go big or go home right?  But you can just as easily add only a couple pieces for more natural length and thickness.

Here’s my natural hair, air dried, no product or styling.  Naturally my hair is very fine and straight with no body or bounce.


And here’s my hair with Irresistible Me extensions.  I used only four or five of the bigger pieces in the set for this look.  I felt very Carrie Underwood country with all this volume!  You can definitely feel the weight of the extensions on your head when they are in but they don’t pull on your hair or hurt your head.


These hair extensions are just plain fun.  They are super easy to use and mixing and matching the pieces offers a lot of versatility in how you can use them and the looks you can create.   Definitely check out Irresistible Me if you’re in the market for hair extensions.  They offer so many options you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

*Products provided for consideration.  All opinions and 100% my own.

Areum Skincare*

Asian skincare brands are finally making their way to North America and beauty bloggers couldn’t be more excited about this.  At least I can’t be more excited.  Asian skincare products and formulas have been praised for giving skin that soft, youthful look and feel we all want.  Areum is one such brand from Korean that offers a comprehensive skincare system including a cleanser, day and night creams, serums, and masks all made using advanced science and technology with a focus on natural antioxidant ingredients.   The Areum website contains an insane amount of detail on all the products and their ingredients, beauty tips, and general information about the Areum brand and philosophy.



I was lucky enough to receive a three-month sample kit the Areum skincare line.  Their products are broken into three categories outlined below and come in a stylish makeup bag which I’ll definitely keep and use.  Also included is a pamphlet detailing each product ingredients, how it should be used, and what is claims to achieve.  Most useful is a chart outlining when to use each product in your daily/weekly routine.


Daily De-Aging Products:

  • De’ssage cleanser: A daily facial cleanser.
  • Mystique First Essence: An absorption maximization spray.
  • Three Miracle Reviving Serums:  For hydration, radiance, and re-creation.
  • Recovery Cream: Thick night moisturizer.

The standouts for me in category arethe Mystique First Essence and Miracle Reviving Serums.    You can use them alone or in combination with each other.  You can mix them in with your moisturizer, foundation, or even the recovery cream in the kit to create an intensive night mask.  They are just really nice, versatile products.  The Areum website encourages you to think outline the box when using these products.  For example, they suggest using the Mystique First Essence spray as a post shaving treatment or to help prevent stretchmarks during pregnancy.


The daily facial cleanser really didn’t do it for me.  I prefer a cleanser with exfoliating beads to give my face a good scrub.  And the recovery was nice but not a standout.  I’ll definitely use this when traveling because of the size but it didn’t seem any different from any other intensive face cream.

Weekly Intensive Treatment Products:

  • Thermapeel system 1 and 2: Exfoliating and replenishing masks

The Thermapeel system is really cool because you can use it on your face and your lips.  Who doesn’t love a twofer?!  Step one is a clear cream that applies smoothly to the skin.  You leave it on for ten minutes and then rub your fingers over it, which causes the product to ball up into little exfoliating beads.  It feels really cool on the skin and left my face feeling really fresh and clean.  The second step is basically just a hydrating mask that you leave on for ten minutes and then wash off.  Unfortunately, this second step wasn’t moisturizing enough for me and I had to supplement with the recovery cream.


The Wonder of Rejuvenation Products: 

  • Premium Gold Age Repair: Night cream.
  • Premium Diamond Age Repair: Day cream


These day and night creams bring the luxe to this skincare line with their gold and diamond ingredients.  The website goes into detail about the brightening, anti-aging, and all around magical properties of gold and diamonds but, hey, it doesn’t take all that much convincing to get to me slather gold and diamond infused products all over my face.  You can even see the diamond and gold sheen to the creams below.

To be honest, I’m not sure the diamond and gold elements of these creams do all that much.  The creams are really nice – light weight and hydrating – but I didn’t notice any extraordinary difference in the way my face looked or felt after using these.

Overall, I like this Areum skincare line.  Not everything in the line blew me away (the cleaner just isn’t my jam) but I was seriously impressed by the serums and the Mystique First Essence spray.  I will use every last drop of them.

Have you tried any Areum products yet?

*PR Sample.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Arbonne Smoothed Over Lipstick Review*

At the first sign of cooler weather, beauty enthusiasts everywhere start reaching for deeper lipsticks in rich purple and red shades.  I’ll admit, this is the first year I’ve jumped on this vampy bandwagon.  I never thought I could pull off a darker lip but when Arbonne offered to send me some of their Smoothed Over Lipsticks I jumped at the chance to try something outside my comfort zone.  I received three lipsticks in the shades Iris, Aster, and Dalhia in addition to a lip liner in Berry.


These lipsticks retail for $34 CAD and are described on the Arbonne website as having a moisturizing formula that smooths on long-wearing, luxurious color.  I’ve been wearing these lipstick all fall and can attest to these claims.  These insanely pigmented lipsticks glide on the lips really smoothly and immediately feel comfortable and moisturizing.  They have a satin finish with just a hint of a gloss and while there definitely is a lot of transfer with these lipsticks, they are also really long lasting, maintaining much of their intensity even through eating and drinking.  Also, these lipsticks smell amazing.  They are made with fruit extracts and smell like life saver candy.


left to right: Iris, Aster, Dahlia

These three lipsticks are all in the same berry family but each has their own undertone so you can find the perfect shade depending on your preference.  Iris (top swatch in the photo below), my favourite of the bunch, is classic purple berry.  Aster (middle swatch) has more of a pink undertone, and Dahlia is a red based berry.  The lip liner in Berry most closely match Dahlia in tone but can be used with any of these lipsticks or on its own.  I’m wearing a light wash of Iris in the picture below but all three of these lipsticks can built up to really pack a punch of bold colour.



I really like these lipsticks.  In a nutshell, they look and feel great on the lips.  The colour payoff and lasting power are impressive making these lipsticks worth the price in my opinion.  I’ll definitely be checking out some of their brighter lipsticks when spring and summer roll around again.

* PR products.  Opinions are 100% my own.

L’Oreal La Lacque Lip Color in Lacque-y Charm

L’Oreal recently came out with a new line of matte and lacquer lip pencils.  I’ve heard good things about both formulas so when I finally saw these at the drugstore (after weeks of looking) I quickly picked up the lacquer pencil in 201 Lacque-y Charm.

This shade is a dusty rose and I think it’s the perfect neutral lip for fall.  It’s a bit darker than a summer nude and more mauve than a summer pink.  Worn lightly it gives the lips just a hint of colour and shine but the colour can also be built up to get a darker almost berry-mauve shade.  The pictures below show how this lip colour can look different depending on the coverage and lighting.

The pigmentation and finish on this lacquer is really nice.  As mentioned above, this pencil can be applied lightly for a hint of colour or built up for a bolder lip.  It gives off a subtle shine and has a really decent wear time which is great.  What I like most about this formula is that it has great lasting power and shine without being thick or sticky.  It’s very comfortable on the lips.

I’ve worn this L’Oreal La Lacque lip colour every day since buying it and it’ll definitely be a staple in my fall makeup bag.  I fully plan on adding other shades of these lip pencils to my collection.

Do you love these La Lacque Lip Colors as much as I do?  Have you tried the matte version of these L’Oreal lip pencils?

Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel

Finally drugstore beauty brands are entering the brow game!  I’ve always wanted to try Benefit’s Gimme Brow but could never bring myself to shell out the big bucks for it.  So, when I saw Rimmel’s Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel it immediately came home with me.  This brow gel comes in four shades, including a clear version.  I got the lightest shade Blonde.

This Rimmel brow gel is the perfect lazy girl product.  It defines, thickens, and holds brows all in one.  I don’t even use a brow pencil or powder, I just swipe on this gel and go.

It has a tiny little wand which is perfectly brow sized.  I do find I have to scrape off quite a bit of product before I brush through my brows but that’s the only issue I have with this gel.  It’s fairly pigmented so I lightly feather it through my brows and it adds just the right amount of volume, giving my brows a polished but still natural look.  And it holds all day without feeling crunchy.


You can see the difference in the above photo, from top to bottom, of natural brows to one brow done (the one on right) to both brows set with this brow gel.  And it took me all of one minute to do.


All about them brows

I loved this brow gel so much I bought it for my best friend who also immediately loved it.  If you haven’t tried out this product yet, head to your closest drugstore and get one not just for you but for your bestie and your sister and anyone you know with a set of brows.  Love this stuff!