The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Overnight Serum

You may recognize this face oil from my August favs post.  I had been interested in trying a face oil/serum for a while but have always worried about them being too greasy and breaking my face out.  This Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil from The Body Shop had been getting a lot of good reviews so I picked up a bottle for myself.  I’ve been using it for about two months now.


It’s an 8 hour overnight oil that is meant to replenish and recharge moisture and claims to be non-greasy and fast absorbing.  It’s $28 CAD for 28 ml and this stuff will last you a good long while.  You only need 2-3 drops every night.   It comes with a glass eye dropper dispenser so you can easily control the amount of oil you get.  I love that all I have to do is apply a couple of drops before bed and it works all its magic while I sleep.

As The Body Shop claims, this oil actually is non-greasy and fast absorbing which is great because you don’t want to get any greasy residue transferring onto your pillows and sheets at night.

I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately after starting to use this Vitamin E serum.  Somehow, this overnight oil manages to hydrate my dry spots while not emphasizing my oily patches.  On top of that, I started to notice that my makeup (especially my powder foundation) went on a lot smoother in the mornings.  I used to get dry patches around my nose which were a chore to deal with and often made my makeup look cakey and flakey.  One night of using this oil and those dry patches were GONE!

One other thing I’ve noticed about this face oil is that I definitely see and feel a difference when I haven’t used it.  If I skip a couple of nights the dry patches start to creep back.  So, for me at least, this is a product that needs to be used every day.

I have only two small gripes with this oil.  The first is the smell.  It has a light floral smell to it which isn’t overly offensive but reminds me of old lady perfume and I’m just kind of sick at this point.  My second issue is the ceramic and glass packaging which isn’t a huge deal but I would be very sad if I accidentally dropped and smashed the bottle.

I already know this overnight Vitamin E serum-in-oil is going to be a skin saver as we move in to the colder winter months and my skin starts to get drier and drier.  The Body Shop has a whole line of these Vitamin E products and I’m really tempted to try out a few more now, specifically the moisture serum and the nourishing night cream.

Have you tried this Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil?  Have you tried any of the other products in the Vitamin E line?  Any recommendations on what I should pick up next?

The Many Looks Of The Wet N Wild Palette

A while back I did a FOTD post featuring the Wet N Wild Comfort Zone eye shadow palette.  I really wanted to show the versatility of this eight shadow palette so I’ve created just a few different looks one could put together using just this palette.

First let’s go through the palette.  I’ve numbered the shadows since they don’t have names.


There is a pretty decent colour range in this palette, ranging from the light browbone highlights and pretty pink to the darker browns and even a green.  Most of these shadows have a satin finish.  Shadows 4 and 7 have small glitter particles and shadow 8 is the most beautiful blue-purple duochrome shadow.  It looks completely different swatched than it does in the pan.

Now on to the eye looks.  The first one I did was to simply use the all the shadows down the left side of the palette as suggested.  I did this in the FOTD post I mentioned above but you couldn’t really see the colours all that well in those photos so I redid the look here.

I used shadow 2 all over the lid, shadow 3 in the crease, shadow 4 as a liner, and shadow 1 as a highlight on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

For the next look I did the exact same thing but with the right side of the palette.

I used shadow 6 all over the lid, shadow 7 in the crease, shadow 8 as a liner (really not what this shadow should be used for), and shadow 5 as a highlight on the brow bone and inner corner of the eye.

Up next is a super subtle every day look I go to often when I just want to throw something quick together before running out the door.

I started with shadow 2 in my crease, shadow 5 on the lid, and finished it off with shadow 1 on my brow bone and inner corner.  This is where I normally stop with this look but you could smoke this out a bit and add a liner with one of the darker shadows to easily transition this from a daytime to nighttime look.

This next look makes me think of a garden because it has pink, green, and brown shades just like a flower.

I applied shadow 2 pretty much everywhere – all over my lid and up into my crease.  I then applied the green shadow (number 6) to the outer half of my lid, patting on the colour with a dense brush to make sure the green really stood out.  I also swept this shadow along my lower lash line.  Word of warning here: I did get quite a bit of fallout with this green shadow.  I lined my upper lashes with shadow 4 and then smudged it out for a soften effect.  I brought this brown shadow down into my water line as well.  And I finished this look off with shadow 1 as a brown brown and inner corner highlight.

These are just a few looks I’ve put together recently using this Comfort Zone palette.  There are countless other than can be created.  If you’d like to see more just let me know and I can do a ‘part 2′ of this post with a few more looks.

Do you have this Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette?  How do you like to use it?

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush in Viva Violet

Now that fall is just around the corner it’s time to start switching up my makeup.  I really want to try out some deeper plum, berry, and cranberry lip colours this season and am starting off with Rimmel’s Lasting Colour Rush lip crayon in Viva Violet.

Right off the bat I love that the colour of the packaging is actually true to the colour of the lipstick.  There’s nothing worse than thinking you’re getting one colour based on the package and then opening it up to find something completely different.

And speaking of the colour, this lipstick is GORGEOUS.  The second I put in on I fell in love.  To me it looks like more of a cranberry than a violet on the lips but regardless of the shade this is one highly pigmented, beautifully rich lipstick.

My camera make this lipstick look very pink but in real life it's more red

My camera makes this lipstick look very pink but in real life it’s more red

These colour rush crayons are described as a long lasting intense colour balm.  Intense is right.  One sweep across the lips is all you need.  This balm is super creamy, feels really hydrating on the lips, and has a pretty semi-glossy finish.  There are also really subtle micro flecks of glitter in this balm that I didn’t even notice until I took a real up close look at my lips.


Lasting power was pretty good with this lipstick.  I wore it for about three hours, until I ate lunch, and it still looked fresh.  After eating there was still some colour on my lips though it was faded and the glossiness was gone.  It leaves a bit of a stain on the lips which helps with the longevity.

I can not say enough good things about this colour balm.  The formula and colour payoff are fantastic and as if that isn’t enough the price is also right (got mine on sale for $4.99).  This lipstick will definitely be living in my purse this fall.  If you haven’t tried out one of these Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balms I highly recommend you do.

Have you tried any of these Colour Rush Balms yet?  What’s your fav shade?  Any other fall lipsticks I should try out?

My Lash Routine

Now I know what you’re probably thinking – Really?  I whole routine just for your lashes?  Yup, my lashes are that high maintenance.  They are super straight and droop down and it takes a lot of work to curl them and keep them curled.  On top of that, I really like the look of clean, separated lashes which can time some time to achieve.


I start by curling my lashes.  My favourite curler is from Elf ($3!).  It has a more shallow curve than the average curler which I find fits my eye shape really well.  If I have my hair dryer out I’ll sometime hit my lash curler with some hot air for a few seconds to heat it up before curling my lashes.

Next I apply a very thin coat of a waterproof mascara to hold that curl all day.  Waterproof mascara is a must for holding a curl because the formula has less water and more wax.  My favourite mascara for this step is Maybelline’s The Rocket.

I then comb through my lashes with a spooly to prep them for the next layer of mascara (I’ve been using the Lancome Grandiose mascara lately).  After that second layer of mascara has dried I comb through my lashes again.  Depending on where I’m going, how much time I have, how OCD I’m feeling that particular day, this comb-mascara-comb cycle could continue for several coats.

And finally, once I’m happy with the top lashes, I’ll sometimes throw a quick coat on my bottom lashes and comb through with the teeny tiny baby spooly.


It’s a lot of work, I know, but having long, curled lashes really changes the whole look of my face.  I feel naked without my lashes done.

Do you have any obsessive makeup routines?  Any good lash tips for maintaining a lash curl?

Sephora Birthday Gift

Well, here we are…September.  This time of year we here grumbles about summer being over but I actually like when September rolls around.  It means fall is on the way (my fav season) and I also get to pick up my Sephora beauty insider birthday gift.  Having a birthday later in the year means that for months now I’ve watched all my beauty blogger friends get their birthday perk and now I finally have mine!  This year, the Sephora birthday gift is in collaboration with Makeup Forever.  It includes two deluxe minis: The Route Artist Natural Lipstick N9 (1.5g)  and the Smoky Extravagant Mascara (4ml).


I was really excited to get these samples because I’ve never tried anything from Makeup Forever.  Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, this gift set was hit and miss for me.  Can you guess which product was the hit and which was the miss?


I wasn’t so sure about this lipstick at first but have fallen in love with it.  This lipstick is a brown-pink-nude colour which is meant to be universally flattering.  This shade is way more brown than anything I own but I actually really like the way it translates on the lips with the pink undertones showing up a bit stronger than they do in the tube.  The box describes the finish of this lipstick perfectly as “soft  shine”.  It’s that nice not flat but not glossy finish.  And finally, this lipstick feels great on the lips, almost like a balm.  It’s hydrating without feeling heavy.  I already know I’ll be wearing this lipstick a ton moving into fall.


On to the mascara.  First, the wand.  It’s huge!  It’s got a Christmas tree shape to it, with a really wide base tapering to a point at the end, with natural bristles.  One look at this wand and I knew I probably wasn’t going to be a fan.  I prefer smaller wands with plastic bristles.  But, that wasn’t going to stop me from giving it a try.  The tapered end was useful in getting at my lashes at the corners of my eyes but I avoided really using the wide end of the wand because it was just too big and awkward.


Once on my lashes, this mascara left me a bit disappointed.  It added some nice volume without clumping, sure, but it’s not a waterproof formula and we all know by now what happens to my lashes without a waterproof mascara.  They completely uncurl and straighten out to the point where you can’t even see them in pictures (hence, no close up pic of my lashes).  I’ll still continue to use this mascara, overtop of a waterproof layer, as it’s not a bad formula other than that one issue and I don’t want to just toss it out.  Plus, it’s the perfect size to throw in my travel bag.

Have you picked up your Sephora birthday gift yet this year?  What did you think these deluxe sample?